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We offer both Certified Natural Produce and produce grown with hydroponics. Certified Naturally Grown a grass roots alternative to the USDA's certified organic certification, tailored to small scale direct market farmers using natural methods. CNG's certification standards are based on the highest principles and ideals in organic farming. Hydroponics is a type of farming where plants are grown directly in water without soil. At Apple Ridge we use a type of hydroponics called nutrient film technique where a thin film of water flows through gutter shaped troughs that contain the plants. The water carries a nutrient solution that feeds the plants. 



We currently have  300 laying hens and raise 60 broilers/week during the green season. On the left is a picture of our laying hens. Chickens raised on pasture are a truly rare thing in modern agriculture and are usually only found on small farms. Many people buy "Free Range" eggs at the supermarket thinking they are getting eggs from chickens raised outside when in fact free range simply means that the chickens are not raised in cages and are often raised in huge chicken houses fed nothing but grain.

Our hens are have 24/7 freedom to go where they want when they want. They spend most days out in the pasture eating grass, digging along the fence lines for bugs, and scratching in the freshly plowed areas of the farm for worms. 



We began incorporating pigs into our operation in 2014. We started with three pigs that were a mix of 2 heritages breeds, the Large Black and the Berkshire. We added some forage crops to our cover crop mixes and rotated the pigs through the farm using a horse trailer and mobile electric netting. We had fantastic results! The pigs got big on very little feed, they were happy as pigs could be, and they fit very well into our diverse little farm. 

In 2015 we began rotating 2 groups of pigs around the farm. The first group is made up of 3 American Guinea Hog/Berkshire crosses which are very good foragers and offer delicious meat. The second group is made up of 4 Berkshires. Berkshires are another heritage breed and are considered the gold standard with chefs when it comes to pork.