Stone Oven Bakery


Stone oven bakery

After a trip to Northern California in 2006 we knew what our little farm was missing: a wood-fired brick oven! Our style of baking goes back to a simpler time before grains were bred to be all carbohydrates and before flour was bleached and brominated. Back before commercial yeasts were used to speed up the process. Back before chemicals were added to extend shelf life and synthetic vitamins were added to put back the nutrition that had been taken out. And, last but not least, back before people started having trouble digesting all of these modern gluten-containing products. 

In addition to sourdough breads, our bakery specializes in cookies, scones, croissants, Bavarian-style pretzels, granola, chicken pot pies, soups, mustards, and a number of other farm products. In all of our food we strive to make a healthier alternative to the norm. Our croissants contain whole-wheat flour, our granola cookies feature the same seeds and nuts as our granola, and many of our other products feature ingredients grown right here on the farm.