Our Pigs

In 2014 we started incorporating pigs into our farm. We do this by adding forage crops like peas into our cover crop mix, on ground that is taking a break from vegetables, and rotating pigs through it. We use temporary electric netting and horse trailers to keep them mobile. We raise a variety of heritage breeds such as Old Spot, Berkshire (considered the gold standard with chefs when it comes to pork!) and Large Black that do better on pasture and produce a moister, fattier pork.

Pigs have an amazing ability to eat down a pasture and turn over the soil in search of grubs and bugs. For that reason we only raise ten pigs a year, and only during the green season, to ensure the animals are getting as much pasture as possible in their diet. We keep them moving to fresh pastures daily to minimize damage. We also use them to keep the fence lines clean, as they do a better job than any weed-whacker ever could!